Friday, March 07, 2008

A Fruitful Farmer

About twenty five years ago, Mr. Keens bought an acre of farm land from a 60 year old farmer.

He was attracted by the watercress ponds and thought this vegetable could provide steady monthly income for his brothers who took over the farm later.

In fact, he was more impressed by the owner’s working attitude and professionalism in his farming than the farm itself.

Though the farmer was 60 years old, he was diligent and hard working. He was assisted by his wife and both lived a simple life in bringing up 6 children, three boys who furthered their studies in the United States of America; all of them are graduates from reputable universities.

The eldest son was appointed the Managing Director of an international investment bank in Hong Kong a few years ago. The old man migrated to USA after he sold the farm to M. Keens.
The farmer passed away two years ago, at the age of 80.

The farmer was grateful to have owned the farm and worked hard to plant vegetables at every available space of the farm so he could have harvest in abundance.

He noted that he saved every possible cent and worked at the farm barefooted with full dedication in his work.

He believed his purpose of working hard was to provide all the needs for his family including his sons’ overseas educations.
When Mr.Keens' brothers took over, regrettably, they were less diligent though they did their best to expand the farm land. He could easily see the difference in quality of work between them.

This experience gave Mr. Keens a greater insight into one’s life of what one can lose if one does not capitalize the opportunity that is offered or made available.

Sadly, instead of ploughing the land, sowing the seeds, some of us would begin to worry, complain and or even criticize about the land and leave it to waste, and not getting much fruits and harvest from it.
Man is born to toil the soil and to work hard so as to live a fruitful life. There is no short cut to success but to use all the gifts that God has created of us and work hard.
It may be just a small plot of land or something that may not be too big to be noticed, if we put our time and effort into it, we will reap good harvest.

Christian Fellowship
is allowed in school though it is not categorized as a part of the school curriculum. It is pictured like the piece of farm land described above.
We should encourage everybody whether young, old, rich or poor to attend the fellowship in order to keep its existence meaningful. The attendance should be respectable.
Likewise, if the students’ enthusiasm is not in the Fellowship, the school may not take heed of its existence.
It will then be too late to appeal or make any complaint if the school decided to do away with it.

On the other hand, Bible Knowledge (BK) is allowed by the Education Ministry as an elective examination subject.

But, in reality, how many of us really want to sign up for this subject? If we do not support such provision, isn’t it going to be a piece of land left to waste?

Later, when the opportunity is lost, we start to complain and murmur about the whole matter. Isn’t it too late to regret?

Be grateful with what we have, become a hard working and fruitful farmer without anymore hesitation!

God Bless.