Friday, February 29, 2008

Bible Knowledge Class + ZMAX Camp 2008

Hey DUCFers!!
Hope you guys stay alive throughout this time of examinations.

Just a few little announcements here

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DUMC will be organizing a BK class for all F3 - F5 students in the PJ Klang Valley with cheap tuition fees =)

BK is a subject we need to uphold to ensure it does not die...
Especially since the CF strongly supports BK
[every club must support a subject]

If you want more info on the BK class, you can email or =)

ZMAX Camp!!!

F1s-F3s, if you can, try to attend this camp this year at march =)
It's a very fun camp and you can refer to the review of last year's over here

Click me

Here's the camp form if you're interested

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