Sunday, March 09, 2008

DUCF + BUCF Gathering 2007

Damansara Utama Christian Fellowship decided to have a gathering with Bandar Utama 3 Christian Fellowship on 27 Decemeber 2007 - the day pmr results came out!
It was held in David Rosh's house and it was a very interesting and eventful evening for the eleven of us.
Mainly, we wanted to have good fellowship and get feedbacks from other schools about their own Christian Fellowship.

We started off with ice-breakers ( the animal game) where David Rosh, David (the chinese dude =p), Phebe and Hannah (our ex-president Steven's sister!) made through the final round.

Next in line was the statue dance game.
Everybody would start dancing when the music starts freeze like a statue when the music stops.

David - representative for BU3
Joanna - representative for DUCF!!

F.O.O.D was the most important part of the evening.
Where everbody started to become lame and started babbling away all the lame jokes you can't possibly imagine.

Those who attended the gathering for the evening.

The complete family :
Phebe, Jen Wei, Joanna, Khristy, Daniel, Joel, Aaron, David Rosh, Hannah (BU3), David (BU3), Isaac (President of BU3CF)