Monday, December 31, 2007

The Bamboo Seed

One day, the Lord came up to Jimmy,
He gave him a bamboo seed and ask him to plant the seed.
Jimmy did as he was told.
He waters and cares for the seed every single day.
After a whole entire year, nothing appear out of the soil,
not even a single leaf reveiled,
However Jimmy continued to care for the seed,
through the cold nights and the killing heat.
Another year passed,yet nothing came out of the soil.
Quickly,3 years passed and yet nothing happened to the seed.
During these 3 years,
Jimmy was doubtful about the quest the Lord had summoned him to do,
but he always have faith in the Lord
and continue to care for the precious seed everyday.
Then,like the other normal days,
Jimmy was about to water the seed.
When he reached the place to water the seed,
he saw a really strong and tall bamboo replacing the seed.

Below the bamboo tree laid a letter with Jimmy's name on it.

Jimmy opened the letter, and the letter said:
Thank you my son for taking care of my precious seed.
All this time the bamboo was growing roots,
that is why it has become the strongest bamboo tree in the forest.
And all this time you, my son, did not gave up on the seed.
It is just like Me helping you grow roots and in the end making you strong.
I helped you grow your roots,
I was patient with you,
and I did not gave up on you,
and I never will.

The Lord.