Tuesday, January 01, 2008

DUCF Camp AMPLIFIED: The Sound Of Friendship 2008 Campers' Letter

Here's the campers' letter.
Do note that an identical letter has been sent to your house mail box and email as well =)



Under the guidance of Scripture Union

Camp Chief: Aaron Wu (aaron_blade1@hotmail.com) Contact no: (017-3612901)

Assistant Camp Chief: Devinia Sunshine Contact no: (012-2944185)

DUCF President: Joel Lee (xjoel.lee@hotmail.com) Contact no: (016-2425268)

DUCF Advisors: Miss Lee (012-6558915), Miss Liang (0123514283)


The Sound Of Friendship 2008


Congratulations! You are registered for DUCF’s Camp AMPLIFIED: The Sound Of Friendship 2008. As part of your personal preparation for camp read this letter carefully. The DUCF Camp is a fun learning participation camp. ‘Tourists’ (those who just want fun without participating) would be disappointed. The following information will give you an idea of what to expect and at the end of camp, to take back with you! You are also strongly encouraged to have a good lunch before you leave on 2nd June because your next meal will be dinner served at 6.30pm. Packing lunch to eat once we touch STM grounds would be a good idea.

DUCF Camp 2008 seeks to provide an environment where you, the camper will learn to see the importance of not just having fun together but also only developing your leadership skills and gaining experience. With this in mind the theme AMPLIFIED: The Sound Of Friendship seeks to gather all Christian and non Christian students of SMKDU to bond as one, just having fun. Linked to this is the concept of being an AMPLIFIER or in other words, someone who can amplify God’s name whilst having fun and bonding with others. Together gather!

So, your PARTICIPATION and RESPONSE are the main features of this camp if you wanna have fun. The Bible lessons and interactive learning dynamics are vehicles to help you get to the destination.

There are four ways you can make this happen:

1. Punctuality

For those traveling by bus with us, the first program is actually departure from the side gate of Damansara Specialist Hospital (the building beside school). The bus will leave DSH promptly at 11am whether you are on the bus or not. Telephone calls asking us to delay departure because you are still on the way will not be entertained. Latecomers would have to find their own way to STM and no money will be refunded. The best possible reasoning is to arrive at 10.30am so you have adequate time to pack your luggage into the bus. Parents are also encouraged to come along during this time to meet up with other parents and talk with our teacher advisors, Miss Lee and Miss Liang to get a better understanding of Damansara Utama Christian Fellowship as a whole. Your timetable should also be your best friend throughout camp to ensure the smooth running of the camp program! You are also expected to be at all sessions before it starts. This is one way we show respect to the organizers and to each other. Being late for an activity also means less fun for both sides.

2. Respect

This means valuing each other highly. It may be a friend or a leader. It’s about listening, caring, not using words that hurt, keeping quiet after lights out and keeping the facilities clean. The guys keeping away from the gals’ living space and vice versa showing that we respect one another. In regards to dressing, it is casual for all sessions but please be discreet and appropriate. Again we do this out of respect for one another. It also means neither allowing your hand phone to be heard or seen during sessions nor using it.

3. Dependability

You will be member of a small group, your ‘family’ at camp. In your small group, you will play games, pray, read the Bible, discuss, have a lotta fun, do projects and carry out kitchen cleaning duties together. Always be aware of time and keep it. Dependability means you will help your group members fulfill their assigned tasks by your active and wholehearted participation.

4. Humility

This means coming with willing hearts and teachable spirits. Willing hearts means to be willing participants in all activities and sessions. Teachable spirits means to be willing learners in the setting of the camp. Learning to serve one another even as Christ has come to serve is the true essence of humility so let’s practice it well during the camp and hopefully beyond the camp.

For a comfortable camp experience here’s the list of things to bring…

1. Bible, stationeries and writing materials.

2. Personal toiletries and towel

3. RM 10.00 – this makes the camp fees RM110.00 instead (The bus transport and the usage of the main hall as well as the camping equipment has increased our camp budget by RM10.00)

4. Coins and extra money (STM has a soft drink machine & tidbits are sold by the kitchen crew)

5. Dressing is casual for all sessions but do be discreet and appropriate (no spaghetti or tank tops or midriff baring tops or hot pants or hipster jeans allowed. This is to show respect for one another). Don’t forget proper sports attires because this camp’s learning ‘classrooms’ are both indoor and outdoor.

6. You are required to bring a set of smart/formal wear (batik shirt, long sleeve shirt, slacks and shoes for guys and dinner dress, dinner suit or baju kurung for the gals) to be worn for the final night... a sort of prom night for you. The event will be called U’NITE and it will be all about YOU and UNITING others as well, so dress well. J

7. Do bring your gaming equipment too like your Pingpong rackets, Basketballs and Footballs as there will be free time everyday for your sporting activities

8. During the U’NITE, there will be a talent time session where the campers (you!) will be allowed to perform in front of everybody! Bring your Backing Tracks if you intend to sing and bring your CDs if you intend to dance alone or by a group as well as your necessaries. Do inform Joanna or Khristy the moment camp commences to ensure that you have a slot during Talent Time.

9. As a precaution against mosquitoes please bring mosquitoes repellent or electric mosquitoes mat burner.

10. Bring Torchlights as the first night game CSI will require you use them to find clues. J

DUCF Camp AGENDA [timetable]

Day 1 - 2nd June

1100 – Leave DSH

1230 - Reach STM

[Eat Packed Lunch]

1400 - Check-in

1430 – Team Games

1700 - Free Time


1750 – Wash Up

1800 – Dinner

1900 – CSI

2000 – Bread and Jam [worship]

2030 - Session 1

2130 - Reflection

2230 - Supper

2300 - Lights Off

Day 2 – 3rd June

0700 - Morning Exercise

[with funky music]

0730 - Leaders’ Assembly

0745 - Devotion

0830 - Breakfast

0930 – Jam and Peanuts [worship]

1000 - Session 2

1130 – Chill out break

1145 – Team Building Game

1215 – Talent Time Preparation

1300 – Lunch

1400 – Knock out socks

activities [games]

1700 – Free Time


1750 – Wash Up

1800 – U’NITE Dinner & Talent Time

1945 – U’NITE Photoshoot

2000 – U’NITE challenges

2100 – U’NITE Butter and Jam

2200 – U’NITE Message

2230 – Reflection

2330 – Supper

2400 – Lights Out

Day 3 – 4th June

0700 - Morning Exercise

[with funky music]

0730 - Leaders’ Assembly

0745 - Devotion

0830 - Breakfast

0930 – Jam and Kaya [worship]

1000 - Session 3

1100 – Pack Up

1140 - Photoshoot

1200 – Lunch

1300 - Leave STM

1430 – Reach DSH

Have Fun!!