Friday, November 30, 2007

Song Of The Month [November] - Boom [Planetshakers]

Boom Lyrics

I am ready
More than ever
For you to move
My heart is open
I surrender

Every part of me

It's an explosion
God is here to move
Come and take over
I am here for you

My hope is in you
[Every day I’m living for you]
Give me your power
[So I can change this world for you]
Show me your ways Lord
[Gonna hold this place for you]
Give me your spirit
[Come on set my heart on fire]

Your power
Your glory
Come and fill this place

Gonna lift my voice to you
Gonna give you all I am
Gonna live for you alone
Cause you have set me free

Boom Chords

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This song rocks.
Spread the love people =)

God Bless