Friday, November 30, 2007

CF outing to sunway

Well, it wasn't really official and it was just thought up the day before at around 9pm, so only 7 ppl turned up -____-

It was meant to be the last CF outing for SPMers and a break after PMR for the F3s. It was in October.

Here's some of the pics.

Picture a bit blur cause the shoe-dude don't know how to take pics -___- [ice skating rocks my socks]

From left: Joanna, V-Ki, Khristy, Joel, Aaron, Steven, David

Chilling out at lounge of Sunway Hotel [after ice skating, Steven and David went back already]

From left: Joanna, Khristy, V-Ki, Aaron, Joel

God Bless ppl
Don't miss our next outing =)

Coming up: Song review [Boom - Planetshakers], testimonies from NSCFL campers and pictures!!