Thursday, November 29, 2007

Introduction to DUCF 2008

For the faithful old-timers,
hope you enjoy the new facelift =)
there will be major changes in the blog starting from today 29/11/07

For all the newcomers to,

We hope to see you in Damansara Utama Christian Fellowship next year!!
CF will start on 11th January
It will be held every friday from 1pm - 2pm
and the venue will be at Hannah's house
Invite all your friends to come along as the it'll be a great, smashing, fun, [insert more chunted words], wonderful time!

*more info will be posted on the location.

Link this blog so you can check back for more updates in the future =)

Here's the intro & history of this blog and SMKDUCF's plans for 2008

Welcome to Damansara Utama Christian Fellowship's Blog
This blog is the brainchild of Janning Lai, who was serving in the 2003-2004 committee. After that year, the blog decide to sleep for three years. On November 29th 2007, the 2008 committee decided to wake it up. so yeah =) welcome!!

So, you might be wondering, what does this blog function as?
1. This blog will act as a library of past events happening. Everybody will have a chance to view past weeks. For example, blur pots who can't remember what happened can take a look at the pictures [yes, there will be lots of pics] and read what happened. Other blur pots can also read up on the message if they missed out the points given by the speaker.

2. This blof will be used as a primary tool to connect all previous DUCF members, the current DUCF members and the future DUCF members. The previous members can get themselves updated with the latest happenings and come for the events we post up like our yearly 'Haps Night' event. The present members can read and let the memories flow. lol. Future DUCF members can view DUCF's activities and get to more about DUCF this way.

3. Other than that, this blog will also be used as a notice board to post up on the latest updates on DUCF. If you have an internet connection and you want to know if there is CF next week, you can check out this site for details. You can also use the shout out chat box for prayer requests and prayer needs. That way, everyone can pray with and for you. If you too 'shy', 'pai seh' or 'segan', you can send your prayer requests to The committee will pray for you.

4. Besides that, this place can also a chilling place to hang out with your fellow DUCF buddies, read some useful (or wacky) posts, post a few comments and/or just kill time =)

5. This blog will also be a channel to spread God's word. If you are an author and you like to write sermons (or testimonies), feel free to contact us as well. A testimony is one of the best things you can share with others. In DUCF, we welcome all testimonies. Words of wisdom are mostly encouraged as well. Add pictures if you like.

There are just some of the functions that this blog will play for now. Of course, as it expands, we might have more functions and additional things added to the blog. For now, just enjoy this blog and have fun.

To all past, present and future SMKDUCF members, here's the plan for 2008.
We will be focusing on it for the year. Specifics will be updated on this post.

Vision for 2008

To Lead The Lost To The Cross

Mission for 2008

To Love God, Love People

Theme for 2008


DUCF Committee 2008
President: Joel Lee
V. President: Daniel Yeap
Secretary: Joanna Ho
A. Secretary: Cheong V-Ki
Treasurer: Lee Jen Wei
Worship Coordinator: Khristy Choo
A. Worship Coordinator: Lim Khye Yuen
Events & Games Coordinator: David Roshi
Head of Hospitality (PR Co): Phebe Lee
V. Head of Hospitality (APR Co): Aaron Wu
Head of Logistics: Loi Kah Hoe
Ducf blog co: Everybody =)

God Bless and have a nice day.