Sunday, January 18, 2004

Welcome 2004

hey people...welcome to the new year... Back to school, and CF has started already... praise the Lord... It's by God's mercy and grace that CF is still here in our school today...though not registered..... Maybe we're not meant to be registered...there's a reason for everything God does and sometimes it's beyond our understanding... One thing is for sure, His ways and plans are always perfect and the best of the let's not worry bout anything but to put everything into His hands, trust Him and have faith!!!!

Take note that there'll be no CF meeting this coming Friday (23rd Jan) because of chinese new year... Have fun and may the Lord continue to be with you...

Do come back to CF on the 30th...would like to see you guys there again!!! It's you who makes the CF goes on...and it's up to you to make the difference...

May you continue to burn and shine for a living sacrifice and a living examples... so that others may see Christ in you..... Live for Him and live a life that pleases Him... God bless and stay strong in your faith always!!!

** have you done your quiet time today...??