Saturday, March 13, 2004

Exams. are. over.

Hey !! how's LiFe everybody ?? no more Exam Stress ! Life is 1 big merry-go-round,soon more tests will come and i hope evry1's ready 4 it. There are many tests, like math test, science test and ingglish test !![haha..] But our real test is with God !!! As the holidays are now...ur next test -after the exams, its to stay with GoD !!! Don't be 2 BUSY [Being Under Satans Yoke] or boring....during the week till u 4get GoD ! remember 2 keep on track and stay FOCUS. Just remember this, CF is now THIS bIg b'coz of prayer. [Thank GoD 4 mornin' prayer].IT worked, so it WILL work with U... you will be THAT bIg with prayer !! Be it while bathing or while being on9 .. just a short prayer of Blessing will help[2 urself.of course!]. GoD will never stop blessing u, And if u ask 4 it ,i'm sure u Give it 2 U .

NumBers 6:24 -Go chEck it Up !!!

So GoD BleSs Me [aNd yoU...] aNd mAy u aLL hAvE a GreAt HoLiDay !!!