Monday, January 28, 2008

To The Fans of HSM

high school musical 2

Hey, guys!!
Now, i'm sure most of you (or at least the younger lot of you), tuned in to watch the BIG premiere of High School Musical 2 a couple of months ago...
The ratings shot over the top, and now they're even planning a third one!
awesome... right?
hmmm.... maybe.
The movie may be all about following your dreams, and not just sticking with your friends.
Perfectly good themes for a movie, but what about the stars of the movie?
Are they really as 'squeaky clean' as their characters portray them to be?

(adapted from Brio magazine, published by Focus on the Family [a christian organization], written by Bob Smithouser)

Q: I've been a really big fan of Vanessa Hudgens (Gabriella in the movie- the good girl), but after i heard about her nude pictures, I've been asking myself if its OK to listen to her music or watch her movies. What do you think?
-Jenna, Houston, Texas.

The main thing is steering clear of entertainment that misses the mark. Celebrity indiscretions are extremely disappointing, but a clean movie is still a clean movie. so its really up to you.
If Hudgens' poor judgment creates a big distraction, even when you're watching or listening to her good projects, by all means avoid them. But there's no compromise in enjoying High School Musical just because one of its stars did something foolish off-camera.(Just make sure you cross her off your 'potential role model' list)

Q: What do you think of Ashley Tisdale and her Headstrong CD?
-Emi, Arlington Heights, lll.

A: Whatever happened to the funny, candy-counter girl from 'The Suite Life of Zack & Cody'?
I'm beginning to think Ashley's been getting career advice from the people who turned Disney forebears Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera into 5-foot-3-inch hormones. She's not there yet but seems to be headed in that direction.
Headstrong contains a lot of dance pop with electronica groove. Its mostly love songs tracking romantic ups and downs. On 'Don't Touch (The Zoom Song)" Ashley rightly tells a guy to keep his hands to himself. But 'He Said She Said' has lyrics such as "baby i could see us kissin' like that..." and so on. YIKES!! And in CD photos and a few music videos she's looking like a Paris Hilton-lite tease. Right now that's the exception. Let's hope it doesn't become the rule.

vanessa hudgens ashley tisdale

Hope this has somehow benefited you, in one way or another =P

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