Wednesday, July 21, 2010


what i'm gonna write in this post, is gonna be very sobering and is to be given the utmost attention. so please, take it seriously as it might affect the whole future of our CF.

according to professional weather predictors, there might be a flash flood happening this friday in 3 kenanga starting at 12.45pm. yes, i know, all of you are probably asking how could something so terrible like that happen, but like all God's grace and mercy, it's unexplainable.

research says that the problem probably stemmed from the overload of Sunshine Waterfalls, or the blockage of James's Longkang, or maybe, it's just another Yan Chee moment.

so what we as CF people are gonna do (yes, we need cooperation from everyone), is to build an ark. to everyone who will be coming for CF this friday, we strongly urge you to arm yourselves with umbrellas and boxes of tissues.

will we survive the flash flood like Noah? or will we have a watery death? all this, depends on YOU.

see you there this friday, 12.45pm, 3 kenaga. the rain, has already begun.