Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last Cf for 2009 ;)

So, our last CF meeting was very different :) It was held at Suzanne's house.
Step into the house and be greeted by this two friendly ppl!

People entertaining themselves before CF begins :)

Praise and worship with Heang Lee

a new comer!! Everyone say Hi Dexter! :)
Gametime with YanChee, HeangLee and James

Charades x)

Cik Lee & Cik Liang!!!

Desperate housewives x)

Kah Hoe posing!!
Caught on camera!!! (whats he doing??? O.o)

The Blanket-whats-your-name game!! XD

Loads of laughter hahahahaha

Ee Choong acting as Chris Brown! lol
Thank you lord for food. Amen! :)
Dig in!!! attack attack!

They are just acting their normal selfs x) no worries!

See you guys in CF 2010! ;)