Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Second Heatwave

Wow 300 plus visits in ONE week!!! At least that's what the counter says :) And I trust it... You guys are awesome man, keep it up :)

So where did I leave off... Oh ya... I went to sleep -_-'

So after this, we went to sleep too (in camp I mean).

The next morning

Kah Hoe: Wake up!!! Wake up!!!
Camper: Urgh... Dun want... Five minutes...
Kah Hoe: We got to go!!! *and drags him off his bed*

No lah... I didn't do that to anybody but still everybody managed to wake up. And it was down to the basketball court for...... Ice and Fire!!! Everyone had fun * i think* and it did wake everyone up, so purpose served. No pictures available... Hmm... camera man must have been still asleep... tsk tsk tsk

Then it was Leaders' Perhimpunan led by Jen Wei!!!
Her sharing was about getting our priorities right - putting God first. What are your most treasured possession? Is it God? Would you sacrifice your phone for God? and the like... :)


Notice... David's leg hair and KY's sejarah book are on the list of 'treasured possessions'

8.00am - Morning Devo led by Form 5s
It was basically about realising that beacuse Jesus came into your life, you are a new creation; your old life is passing away and your new life has come. We were challenged to identify our old habits and to make an effort to change them.

Breakfast then... Dedications...
Remember the angel mortal thingy??? yeah... no...
Photobucket Booyakasha!!! Ming Li

Morning WORSHIP!!!
Lead by Heang-Lee, Back-up: Jen and Ee Chong
Musicians Photobucket
Really meaningful :) Good job Heang.

Then Session 2 : Passion Fruit by Marianne
First: Receive the Spirit
How? Hearing and believing the Gospel
Second: Live by the Spirit
How? Following God's way; becoming more like Him
Third: Fruit of the Spirit *notice fruit not fruitssss*
When we have the Spirit living in us, we will have to show it. How? Thru your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

Short break then.,.,., MINI FUN!!!


Chen Sern gone mad cheering his team on... lol

Photobucket All eyes on the ball
THE Pros... The Form 5s :) Notice how everyone is cheering just because we conceded ONE goal compared to the countless we scored... Come on lah... We're not perfect, just almost perfect.

Followed by lunch then A LOT OF FUN!!! Wah CF camp so much fun :)
Obstacle course:
Photobucket Blindfolded people hopping on a mat!!!
Same here, though doing more terrible job :)
Notice the evil grins on their faces - We're ready to bombard them with balloons, Sir!
Photobucket We'll do the flour!!! hehe~~~
PhotobucketNext station, the blind guys throw the eggs, group members try to catch... Notice the egg circled red.
Photobucket Don't let it FALL!!! Catch it!!!
Where else can you torture the KP to be? :) throw flour and pour water on her!!!
Look at these people, so much fun sliding on the soapy mat... Enjoy sia~~~
Photobucket Directing the blind
Photobucket Technical error: Sorry :)

Finally: the one and only, the awesome:


Photobucket The hot and lovely waitresses :) and some lost guys. hehe ;)
JAI HO!!! by the com
Concentration 100%
Blending in perfect harmony.
Jai ho....
The many hands and many faces pose.
Aaron: AH!!! I forgot my make up!!!
David: My hair!!! also...
All boy group: A cappela 'Stand By Me'
Photobucket The 'tsk-ah~~' fellas
PhotobucketThe basses and the melody
Photobucket The soloist: DAVID!!!
Christina: I've got a eating challenge for you guys...
Campers: Aiyah how hard can it be...
Christina: I'll show you.
We were supposed to balance a potato chip on our foreheads and get it into our mouths without dropping it on the floor. Well, naturally we all failed... EXCEPT Mr. Panjang aka Lim Khye Yuen :) Below are the Form 5 com trying :)
The Group performances
1) Cili padi with Adam and Eve - Children Show style :)
Photobucket Hey, I'm the snake...
Photobucket Watermelon, watermelon...
2) Tom Yam with Jonah and the Fish in romance xoxo
Photobucket Fish why you eat me?
Photobucket Aww... really got romance :)
3) Jalapeno with Joseph's story - Documentary
Photobucket Wahhh, you gotta dig Heang Lee's stance :) sungguh bergaya... Oscar! Oscar!
Photobucket Joseph on the floor...
4) Vindaloo with Noah and the Ark - Drama
Photobucket Told you it was dramatic... sob sob T.T
Photobucket More drama and therefore more tears
5) Belacan - Feeding the 5000 - Reality TV
Contestant #1
Mr. Cassanova: Did it hurt?
Stephanie: Huh?!?!
Mr. C: When you fell from heaven... LOL
Photobucket Contestant #2: Mr. Dramatic
Photobucket #3: Jesus... wah where did they get this middle eastern fellow? So realistic...
6) Wassabi with David and Goliath - Wild, wild west... somehow mixed with ancient China
Photobucket I'm Go-li-at!!!
Photobucket Blessing, blessing...
Other perfomances:
Sunshine and Cassandra tap dancing
James singing with Yen Ray on guitar

And then the 16/17 year old monkeys led by David :)
Worship, also led by David:
Sharing on BK by Miss Lee:
PhotobucketTake BK!!! Good for you!
Camp photo: All so pretty and handsome...

And finally: Posers' Paradise
NO time to upload all the photos but don't despair... Want to see your poses? We're gonna sell CDs containing all the photos from camp!!! Wait for it :)

I'll let you see one before I go:
The 'kinky' massage :)
Love ya'll