Saturday, June 06, 2009


check out your snail mails/emails these few days.
Briefing notes, agenda, where to meet, contacts are all packed up nicely for you in one envelope.

but just in case,
here are some footnotes about camp, what to bring and expect:

1. Bible, stationeries and writing materials.

2. Personal toiletries and towel

3. Coins and extra money ( just in case)

4. Dressing is casual for all sessions but do be discreet and appropriate (no spaghetti or tank tops or midriff baring tops or hot pants or hipster jeans allowed. This is to show respect for one another). Don’t forget proper sports attires because this camp’s learning ‘classrooms’ are both indoor and outdoor.

5. You are required to bring a set of smart/formal wear (batik shirt, long sleeve shirt, slacks and shoes for guys and dinner dress, dinner suit or baju kurung for the gals) to be worn for the final night... a sort of prom night for you. The event will be called HOT night aka Hanging Out Together night

6. Do bring your gaming equipment too like your Pingpong rackets, Basketballs and Footballs as there will be free time everyday for your sporting activities

7. During the HOT night, there will be a talent time session where the campers (you!) will be allowed to perform in front of everybody! Bring your Backing Tracks if you intend to sing and bring your CDs if you intend to dance alone or by a group as well as your necessaries. Do inform Sunshine or Ee Choong the moment camp commences to ensure that you have a slot during Talent Time.

8. As a precaution against mosquitoes please bring mosquitoes repellent or electric mosquitoes mat burner.

9. Bring lots and lots of extra clothes and make sure they are not those which are branded or expensive as there are games where you are required to get down, wet and dirty. Most of the area there are air-conditioned therefore bring a jacket if one gets too cold.

10. Do bring little gifts/presents or little things as there’ll be this game called Angels& Mortals where the Angels are suppose to bless their Mortals throughout the whole camp.

**for those leaving with us on the bus, bus LEAVES tentatively 10am at DK court.
Mind you! phone calls asking us to delay departure because you are still on the way will not be entertained.