Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Updates and News

Hello and good day to all ya blessed people out there!
We welcome all the readers back after such a long hiatus and also a big SHOUT OUT to the SMKSU CFers who have found our blog. =)

God has certainly blessed SMKDUCF during these first five months through the ups and downs. A lot of good things have happened too through God's provision.


First up, we have the new order of committee members after a re-shuffling in April.

President : Joel Ryan Lee

Vice President : Daniel Yeap

Secretary : Joanna Ho

Asst Secretary : Suzanne

Treasurer : Stephanie Ling

Worship Coordinator : Khristy Choo

Asst Worship Coordinator : Wee Chen Sern

Activities/Games Coordinator : Loi Kah Hoe
Asst Activities/Games Coordinator : Tan Heang-Lee

Logistics : Lim Khye Yuen

Asst Logistics : John Stefan

PR Manager /CG Coordinator : David Rosh
Asst PR Manager : Phebe Lee

Operation Manager : Aaron Wu

Online Coordinator : Lee Jen Wei

Prayer Coordinators : (James) Lee Han-Jie & Devinia Sunshine

If you do not know who they are, some of them are actually scattered around in the picture you see every time you enter this blog.


Next one is about our First Ever DUCF CAMP!!

Although date for registration camp is closed, we would proudly and gladly announce that we would have our first ever DUCF CAMP 2008 from the 2nd to 4th of June 2008 with a total of 41 delegates and 2 teachers, Ms Lee and Ms Liang as well as 2 SU staff including Christina Leong, the speaker and Josephine.
It would be held in Seminar Theology Malaysia, Negeri Sembilan.

Those who weren't able to join us. It's ok. =D
Lift that frown of yours and join us next year for camp ! Righto?


Lastly, we would like to announce the results on the Bible Knowledge quiz which took place in April.

About 20 students took part in the quiz and produced some excellent results.

The top three scores were obtained by the following participants.

#1 Phebe Lee : 89 marks

#2 Lee Jen Wei : 84 marks

#3 Loi Kah Hoe : 83 marks

Yoo hoo! God works in many ways. Amen!


That's all for today. Next update would be about CG outings and updates as well as camp.

Attention to all camp delegates, please check your mails for further information/updates about camp. Or else, please check with Aaron Wu 017612901 or Joel Lee 0162425268 for any changes.

Thank you and God Bless.