Friday, February 22, 2008


In conjunction with Chinese New Year, DUCF had 'SHING SHONG SHANG Day' !!!

Today we had a special presentation about how the Chinese characters relate back to the Bible !!
(bananas in the world UNITE!!!)


As we promised earlier, CF begun at 12.45 pm.

David organised an ice-breaker called 'Bing and Bong.' This game involves two objects, which in this case are books. The hard covered one is called Bong. The soft covered one, Bing.

Basically, Bing and Bong is handed over the selected two people who sit next two each other in the circle. Bing is passed anti-clockwise around the circle. Bong is passed clockwise.

To make things simpler, let's call :

-the selected person who has Bing : A

As A passes the book to the person next to him, he is to say "This is a Bing."
The person next to them (B) will then ask "What?" to A. Then A will reply "A Bing".
Next, B will pass it to the person next to him (C) and say "This is a Bing."
C will then ask B "What?". B will then turn to A and ask him "What?".
In reply, A will say "A Bing". Then, B will turn to C and say "A Bing".
Then C will pass it to the next person, and the whole process repeats.

{ We know it's a little TINY weeny bit CoNfUsInG but that's the beauty of it.}

The same process applies to the passing of Bong as well.
At some point, Bing and Bong will cross paths, and that's when it gets REALLY really REALLY fun (and even more confusing!!!) :P

The original circle...

But no worries! Because the circle soon grew to this...

Then we moved on to worship !!! This time, it was led by Kah Hoe and his guitarist Keith!!

The songs we sang:
1. Hari Ini
2. Open Up The Gates
3. Here I Am To Worship
4. Still

Kah Hoe & Keith during worship...

The crowd during worship...Photobucket

Bergandingan tangan...

The songs...

After that, Jen Wei collected the offering and prayed for it.

Next, Cik Lee made 3 announcements:

1. BK Postal Quiz is happening this year, from the 11th to the 13th of April 2008! The chapters included are Acts 1-10, & Genesis 1-3. Do sign up for it!! Give your names to Joel at 5 Kempas...

2. Zmax camp is happening from March 12-15, in Tapah! So if you're in Form 1, 2, or 3, we'd really like to encourage you to attend this camp...
For an idea of what goes on at Zmax camp, check out the review of last year's camp at the link below:
Zmaz Camp Review 2007

3. Camp Chit Chat is on on the 26th to the 31st of May this year, exclusively for the Form 5 and 6 students.

Get your forms for both camps from Joel if you are interested, and hand it in to Cik Lee...
It's an opportunity not to be missed!

{For the form 4 students, do not despair! There's a camp you can go to too, except its at the end of the year. But why not start planning to go now?
NSCFL Camp is happening from November 17th to 22nd, and is open to students from Form 2 all the way up to Form 6.
To get a gist of what happened at last year's camp, click on the link below:
NSCFL Camp Review 2007 }

Cik Lee making the announcements...

Then we moved on to today's special message by Joel..
He drew a few examples of the Chinese characters that was related to the Bible.
{But bring a nearly 17 year old banana, he had to enlist the help of Kah Hoe, Aaron & Jen Wei to draw the characters properly... =) }
He explained how each part of a character has its own meaning all relating to some significant Bible events such as Adam and Eve.

For the complete message, click on the link below:

Chinese Characters- How They link to the Bible.

Joel attempting to write the Chinese characters... =)

Kah Hoe steps in to assist Joel...

After that, everyone gathered into their respective CG's where they had a brief discussion of their new CG names and its meaning. The CG names are names are of various prophets in the Bible.

CG names and meanings:
Amos : Burden Bearer
Hosea: Salvation
Jeremiah : "Weeping prophet"
Malachi : GOD's Messenger
Zechariah : Remembered by GOD

Miscellaneous pics from this week's CF..

Joel welcoming our new members... =)

Our registration counter...

Praying with the Worship Team before CF started..

The cards of the Chinese Characters used, as well as our registration forms...

Complete and utter confusion during the game... =)

Joel encouraging members to check out the blog from time to time for updates...

So that's it for this CF!!
Please remember that there won't be CF for the next two weeks (29/2/08 and 7/3/08) due to exams.

We will be back on the 14th of March with a smashing event of HIGH PRAISE!!

Please check this blog from time to time for more details and updates on our beloved CF !!

Until then, study hard and GOD bless for your exams !!!


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