Wednesday, January 16, 2008

First CF of the Year - Welcome Party - 11 Jan 08

Hey everyone!!
Sorry for the hiatus since 3rd Jan

here's what happened on the First CF of the Year for SMKDUCF

We had our WELCOME PARTY!!
First Leg of the Month of Partying - January, it was
Held in Hannah's house it was and we had a smashing time....

enough words for now... picture time!!

turn right from the front gate..

Jokers walking from school xD

Daniel, Joanna and Khristy

Journey to DUCF

Hannah's house is at the T junction =)

[i'm telling you... Khristy dyed her hair xD]

Welcome Welcome to our Welcome Party!! [zzz]

Daniel Explaining the Blanket Game

The ice breaker was hilarious, with lame ppl like these you can't not laugh



Check out the video xD you just might laugh =P Watch it repeatedly if you don't get it.

First Round: Aaron and Wai Wan
Second Round: Heang-Lee and Zhen Kheng

i like the part where Heang-Lee raps... pssstststtt!! xD

Worship Time!!

The songs we sang were
1) Our God is bigger than the boogie man - from Veggietales
2) Hari Ini
3) Open Up The Gates
4) Hosanna

Worship Leader: Daniel
Co Worship Leaders: James + Khristy
Guitarist: Khye Yuen

Daniel doing Boogieman actions xD

lalala... lol

Open Up The Gates


Check out the vid!!

Daniel leading Open Up The Gates + Hosanna

Main Event - Treasure Hunt!!

Everybody listening attentively to Aaron + James + Phebe as they explain the game

Check out the Vid!!

I like the "no lamp, then find for feet" part xD
no cookies for correct guesses on who said that...

Ganas ganas to read the bible so semangat =)

Despo ppl looking outside for the next clue -____-

There's always something behind Joy....

no comments [zzzZZzz]

Lol Bible reading competition...

"What entrance of the tent? hahhhH?? i don't get it larhh!!"

"Thou shall find for Clues!! Muahahaha"

Meet Hannah... The Host =)

More bible reading xD

Two main organizers, Aaron and James

"A hah! found one!!"

I quote from Kah Hoe
"Hellllp!! We've got a serial joker on our team!! -____-"
- or something like that =)

Four people digging the bible [hey Steven!!]

Sun Siew and Stephanie checking out the bible


Joel, V-Ki and Khristy

I personally like this photo xD

"Eh!!! What on earth's Fenesis?? Why spell wrongly one? -____-" xD

James' photography.. lol

Shaky handss....
Joel representing DUCF giving a little gift to Suzanne for opening up her house a whole year to us last year =)
[Kudos to her and and her family ppl!!]

because we care =)

The wheels of the bus go round and round...
See you next week!!

If you saw what you like and you like what you saw and you would like to join in the fun, you can come to Hannah's house this friday..

We'll be having a CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!
[don't tell me it's 3 weeks late -___-]

It's never too late to understand the true meaning of Christmas, ya know?
So grab a friend or two, and see you in DUCF this friday =)


Date: 18 January 2008 - Friday
Venue: Hannah's House
Time: 1-2 pm
Theme: Christmas Party!!
Why party?: Cause January's the Month Of Partying!! xD
Main Event: A Sketch by DUCF's very own drama team =)

DUCF belongs to God btw, in case anyone's asking xD
DUCF, out!!

I completely forgot to blog about the miracle that happened on that very day!!
Here's the thing..

At 12.30, when the bell rang, heaven decided to burst it's floodgates..
Yes, it was raining cats and dogs, i think i actually heard barks and meows, but anyway... xD

So then the committee decided to get together and pray hardcore. As in seriously hardcore... Praise The Lord!! by 1250, the rain had somewhat COMPLETELY SUBSIDED!! and by the time CF started, not even a cat or dawg was in sight =)

I actually thought that nobody would come [a lot of ppl actually told me at 1230 that they would go next friday and skip this one cause of the rain (when it was still raining)]

To see the heavy downpour stop so fast is already one miracle
and to see about 30+ ppl from 0 ppl is another miracle =)

LOL - Loving Our Lord,