Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Light soup for the humour-starved

Ashley Tisdale's "He said, She said."

Before marriage:

He : Yes, at last. It was so hard to wait.

She : Do you want me to leave?

He : No! Don't even think about that.

She : Do you love me?

He : Of course, Sweetheart,of course.

She : Have you ever cheated on me?

He : No! Ew,what an awful thought.

She : Will you kiss me?

He : Duh!

She : Will you hit me?

He : No way! I'm not such kind of person!

She : Can I trust you?

He : Yes, Darling.

Now after the marriage you can read it from bottom to the top !


Kenny's letter to Santa Claus

Dear Mr.Claus,

I've been a good boy this year and wish to have...... for my Christmas present.



then the letter replied...

Hey kiddo,

You do realize that i only have enough money to buy one present for one kid right??