Friday, August 08, 2003

Contact us lar

ELLOZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!! For those who weren't in CF today, we had high praise...why weren't you there!!! Hehe. And, just to remind you all, there will be CF meeting next week so do come eh!! Bring your friends along.

Remember that day, En Gurmit's retirement?? Our Love In Any Language thinggy??? Photos has been taken and is out now.. We've sent it to your email already. Those who did not receive, please tell us your email add so that we can email you stuffs... You can either give us your contacts thru the shout out, or email us at We would like to hear from you. Comments, suggestions, ideas, encouragements, support, testimonies, prayer request, questions, and everything else is allowed to be posted up at the shout out. Just remember to sign your name as well. If it's a bit too personal to be posted up in the shout out, you can email us instead. All emails are welcome... But please, no forwards and stuffs like that.

People, we need your feedback in order to make things better for you. We need to know what is your point of view of CF, and how and in what way you want us to improve. If you have any ideas or anything, don't be shy to let us know. We need to know our weaknesses in order to improve. So, do give us your feedbacks!!

We'll also like to know bout your spiritual life and if you need any help or have questions, don't hesitate to ask us!! We're always here to help you. Stories bout God is always interesting... So, we would like to hear them from you. Don't be shy.

FULLY RELY ON GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (F.R.O.G)