Friday, August 22, 2003

CG Updates

As you all already know.... All of you have been spilt into CGs...again... Altogether there's 5 CGs... Here's the namelist..

CG Leader : Abel Cheah
Assistant : Ean Chan

1. Ang Xiao Wei
2. Chan Jien Shen
3. Charlotte
4. Chiam Tat Ren
5. Choong Hwei Ming
6. Jonathan Aw
7. Khoo Hsien Yew
8. Lionel Seah
9. Noelle Chew
10. Talisa

CG Leader : Ian Han
Assistant : Theng Shu Ern and Denise Lah

1. Ang Ban Lim
2. Calvin Yew
3. Eunice Ong
4. Gary Yew
5. Nicholas Cheng
6. Tan Jin Ern
7. Teoh Tee Keat
8. Victor Chan
9. Yuen Yen

CG Leader : Jason Lee
Assistant : Liew Wai Wai

1. Ang Woon Hui
2. Brenda Sau
3. Chan Ailin
4. Chuang May Ann
5. James Wong
6. Jonathan Ooi
7. Lim Chuan Zhong
8. Loo Calvin
9. Saw Yu Shen
10. Siaw Kai Xian

CG Leader : Janning Lai
Assistant : Caryn Ng

1. Bethany
2. Bryan Teoh
3. Chuah Chongxian
4. Ethan Wong
5. Jonathan Lim
6. Kan Chee Yip
7. Melvin Lim
8. Wei Wen
9. Wong Wen Ming

CG Leader : Kee Yun Tjin
Assistant : Lee Choon Sam

1. Jane Yeoh
2. Jeremy Cheah
3. Joseph U
4. Lim Yi Theng
5. Loo Yeong Huei
6. Sara Ong
7. Steven Ong
8. Tan Jin Wei
9. Yew Jun Dee

Remember who's your CG leader and don't forget!!! Also, try to get to know all the people in your CG as you all are gonna be like a family...:) Hehe. Please note that you can't change your own CG... Follow this list above.. So, the next time you all are gonna break into CGs, this is how you all are gonna break kay?? If you have any problem with that, email us at and we'll see what we can do.

How wuz today's CF btw??? Comments?? Hope you guys had fun...especially the ice breaker...nice eh??!! =D Hope you all also got to know your CG members and became friends. Remember...fellowship is important!!! Encourage, help, share, and be there for each other!!! May the Lord be with you always.

See you next week...there'll be more fun things waiting for you!!! Don't be late k?? 1PM SHARP!!!

**If you guys noticed there's a slight tiny lil beeny lil tiny weeny bit changes in the CG thinggy, well, this is it la. Follow this list. (sorrieee!!!) Hope you'll be happier.... (changes was because there's some error before this is the real one k)**

Don't forget to SMILE!!!! =D