Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Love In Any Language

Hello everyone! As you all know, CF will be doing a sign language song (Love In Any Language) for En. Gurmit's retirement this coming Tuesday during the morning. Practices and rehearsals has already started. Audition is also over by now and thank God, we got choosen! Praise Him. There will be another rehearsal this coming Friday at 8am. Pn Catherine said during this rehearsal, if you're not good, they will kick you out. So please, let's continue praying and try our best k??

Each and everyone of you did a great job for the dance and you all deserve a pat on your back! I know I scolded, screamed and shouted at you guys quite many times and I'm REALLY sorry...!! I mean, I didn't mean to do it, it's just, well, it's hard to control all 30 of you all, form 1 till 5, and when the hall is always so messy, noisy and you all are always not paying attention. The only way to get your attention is to on the radio. Then again, some of you will still be looking at others. Heheh. But anywayz, I'm glad we finally get to teach/learn all the steps you have to know and everything is done. Only thing you all need now is practice, practice, and more practices!! Do not forget your numbers, positions, and steps!!! :)

Thanks everyone for cooperating and helping me.... If we unite together, we can do it!!!! And of course, it's by God's grace how CF get the chance to do so much now.... I mean, hello?? God will only help us if He thinks it's right!! So, yea, it's right for us to do what we're doing now....with the help of God of course. Let's take this opportunity to use the song, Love in Any Language, to sortta evangelize, and most importantly, to open up and soften everyone's hearts. LOVE!!! And of course, also as a dedication to En Gurmit...:)

The dress code for the presentation is black tee shirt (girls: baby tee allowed, not too tight!!!), light blue jeans, school shoes, and white cloth gloves. Gloves can be found in Sin Yoon Seng... Full dress rehearsal this Friday, so that's when you all will dress your selves up....so remember to bring your clothes!!! Be dressed by 8am. You all can dress straight from home, but must change back to school uniform after the rehearsal.

People who are confirmed doing the presentations are : (according to your numbers!!!)

1. Denise
2. Shu Ern
3. Janning
4. May Ann
5. Tat Ren
6. Yuen Yen
7. Chee Yip
8. Eunice
9. Bethany
10. Charles
11. Sharon
12. Brenda
13. Jane
14. Ean
15. Wen Ming
16. Nicholas
17. Ian
18. Wei Wen
19. Caryn
20. Steven
21. Chongjyn
22. Yu Shen
23. Calvin
24. Chongxian
25. Jason
26. Wai Wai
27. George

All of you listed above most come for the full dress rehearsal this Friday at 8am in the school hall. Bring your clothes. Also, must come on that actual day ar!!! Don't dissapear!!! En. Gurmit's retirement day is on next Tuesday.

I have 5 pairs of gloves to spare you guys, and names that are given to me are :-

1. Charles
2. Nicholas
3. Wei Wen
4. Ian
5. Chongxian

You 5 listed above don't have to buy your cloth gloves, I'll lend it to you but you must make sure not to stain it. Also, you all have to bring home, wash it and make sure it's as white as new again, as this is new. So, take care of it. Lost, stain, damaged.....pay back....

That's all for now.....God bless and take care!!!

From : Janning