Thursday, May 08, 2003

Teacher's day next week - No CF

Hey there people!!!! How has life been for you lately?? Hope you all are well and happppyyy!!!! =P

Ok..., ermmm, first thing for today is....heheh... Ok ok, no fooling around. Ok, erm well, you know the letter for your parents to sign for the CF registration thinggy?? Well, we will photocopy more copies for you all, and hope you guys give it out to other Christians around the school, ask them to get their parents' signature, and pass it back to you, and it's your responsiblity to give it back to us. Cuz we need signatures in order to get the CF registered...(so if you're with us, and want the CF to be registered, please cooperate) If all of us work for it, it can be registered. So, as soon as we pass the forms out to you, please pass it to all your Christian friends, and ask them to help us k?? Thanks a lot...

Next Friday is Teachers' Day, therefore there won't be any CF meeting.... Take note!!!

We would like you all to know that the committee suggested to wake up every morning at 6am (5:30am also can) to spend some time with the Lord, sortta like a devotion thinggy....but we do it together spiritually (physically at only 7am in school) waking up 6am, everyday, and doing your quiet time at home. After that we will meet up in school, in a class near the mushroom thinggy that side, at 7am, to pray. We would like all of you to join us, anyone can come... Committees, CF goers, Christians, and non CF goers...all are invited to join us to pray at 7am every Monday to Friday in school... We pray bout everything.... We hope you can join us all... See you there...!!! (For more info, email us, or ask us at the 'shout out' thinggy)

One more reminder, please sign at the 'shout out' EACH TIME you drop by at this blog. Juz a hi will do... We juz wanna keep track/know who has been checking this blog.... Please cooperate...thankz!!!

That's all for today, thanks for dropping by!!! God bless!!!